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SPE For Real-Time Embedded Systems

Dr. Smith is continuing the research and development project focused on SPE for Real-Time Embedded Systems sponsored by the USAF. There are a number of new technical papers available. We will be integrating the results into new courses and products.

The Top 10 Ways to Kill an SPE Initiative

Over the years, we have observed many organizations that have tried to adopt SPE. All of these organizations were of the opinion that SPE was beneficial and would help them overcome their problems with software performance. Some were successful; others were not. There are many mistakes that can lead to failure. In our experience, many of them occur over and over. From that experience, we compiled our candidates for the top 10 ways to fail in an SPE initiative. Learn to avoid common pitfalls that can sabotage your SPE effort.

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SPE Discussion Group

There is a discussion group about SPE and related topics of interest:


  • There is a "page" for adding organizations that have an SPE initiative.
  • There is a discussion about funding requirements.

We would like to see your input to these and other discussions.

You need to create a google account then sign up for the group. You have the option of receiving email or not whenever a new post appears. I find the "digest email" option useful - you periodically get a summary of everything that is new.

This is your forum for SPE information exchange, so please contribute.