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Our Services Help You Achieve Performance Excellence

We offer a full range of consulting and training services that are designed to help you achieve your performance and scalability requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Do you need our services?
  1. Do you have a software product that is used by a diverse customer base and need good performance across the board?
  2. Do you have a large and very complex architecture?
  3. Do you get frequent complaints about the performance of your systems?
  4. Does your proposed new application use "bleeding-edge" technology and is it performance critical?
  5. Do you have a major increase in demand for your system on your horizon and need to be sure that the software/system will scale?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, we can help you find the most cost-effective means of meeting your performance requirements.

  1. Do you have evidence that your new application architecture will support your performance requirements before coding begins?
  2. Can you get up-to-date information on the status of your new application's performance as the software is developed?
  3. Can your testing team run performance, load and stress tests without encountering "surprises?"
  4. Have the performance risks in your new application been identified and strategies for mitigating those risks been developed?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, we can help you gain control of your software performance during the development process so that you deliver software that meets its performance requirements on-time and within budget.


We solve performance issues with:

  • Problem Systems: If you have performance problems, you need to find a solution quickly. We can help you find the most cost-effective means of meeting your performance requirements.
  • New Development: We can help you determine whether your new application architecture will support your performance requirements.
  • Legacy Applications: We can help you determine whether your legacy application will support new performance requirements.

Cost Reduction

We can help you identify the best alternatives for reducing operational costs to support your applications.

Establishing a Software Performance Engineering Initiative

We can help you make SPE an integral part of your development process so that you can prevent performance problems in the future.

Assistance with Initial SPE Project(s)

We provide consulting and mentoring services to help your team construct an initial set of models and solve problems encountered on the first projects. We can help you begin managing the performance of your software more quickly.


Our SPE courses train your developers and performance specialists to use SPE techniques to evaluate the performance implications of architectural and design decisions. They also present principles, and patterns that guide the development of responsive, scalable software.

Quick System Evaluation

We can help you determine if your system has a sound foundation for the future. Will the architecture support your performance and scalability requirements? If not, are there some "quick fixes" that will provide enough improvement for the near term? What are the performance risk areas? What will be required long-term to continue to meet performance requirements?

Performance Modeling and Measurement

In some cases, quantitative performance data may be needed to resolve questions about the architecture or select the best alternative for meeting performance requirements. We can construct and solve models to provide that data as well as assist in planning performance tests and measurements. You keep the models for future evaluations.

Specify and Assess SPE Deliverables

You need clear specifications to ensure that contractors and developers diligently apply SPE to your systems and thus meet performance requirements with the first release. Ill-defined requirements lead to failures. An independent assessment of deliverables gives you confidence that the system will indeed meet performance and scalability requirements.

Performance Testing Best Practices

Do you want to move up to the next level in performance testing? We can help you align your testing and measurement practices with the best in class.

Expert Witness

We hope you use our services to avoid these problems. Nevertheless, should your contractor fail to deliver the performance you specified, we can assist.

Unique Situations

If you have an unusual problem or situation, let the experts help you solve it.

We can help you achieve performance excellence!

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