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Our instructors offer a unique combination of practical, software + performance expertise and experience.

About the Instructors and Consultants

We bring you an unparalleled combination of expertise and experience in software performance engineering. Our instructors are uniquely qualified to teach you how to achieve performance excellence.

A Unique Combination of Expertise and Experience

L&S Computer Technology is at the vanguard of the development of software performance engineering techniques and tools and in their application. Dr. Connie U. Smith is a world-renowned leader in the theory and practice of SPE. She originated the SPE work in the 1970s. In the late 1980s, she and Dr. Lloyd Williams began a collaboration that lasted over 20 years to help clients solve software performance problems. They published numerous technical papers and articles, and are the authors of Performance Solutions: A Practical Guide to Creating Responsive, Scalable Software, published by Addison-Wesley. One of the keys to their success was their combination of practical performance expertise and software development experience.

Today, Lloyd is enjoying his retirement from software development and SPE. He is devoting more time to his photography passion. You can see his amazing work at www.lloydwphoto.com

Mark Smith is stepping in to cover the practical software development aspects in our courses, consulting, and tools. He comes from a software development background with hands-on skills in a broad range of technologies. He understands the reality of development pressures and its impact on performance engineering. He has successfully implemented countless systems that met performance requirements without extensive rework.

We are pleased to announce that Amy Spellmann is also supporting our consulting and teaching practice, and advising our strategic direction.