SPE-ED+ Products

SPE-ED+ products implement Software Performance Engineering, a combination of the original SPE-ED™ product which is used by Performance Experts to analyze enterprise, cyber-physical & IoT systems designs & implementations; & the new 2017 automated modeling prototypes from our SBIR efforts.

SPE-ED™ is available for download as a demo version or full product suite. As the 2017 version, SPE- ED+ is under development & not yet commercially available, we are offering the original SPE-ED™ at a significantly discounted rate!


The SPE Method Saves Failed Deployment

SPE-ED is a tool designed specifically to support the SPE methods & models. The SPE techniques use performance models to provide data for the quantitative assessment of the performance characteristics of software systems as they are developed. It provides performance data for requirements & design choices & facilitates comparison of software & hardware alternatives for solving performance problems.
SPE-ED+ is currently in prototype stage & available for use by our performance experts. SPE-ED+ provides automation of model creation from UML (Universal Modeling Language) created by development platforms such as Eclipse. SPE-ED+ offers robust modeling & analysis for IoT, Enterprise & Cyber-physical systems to determine the designs & implementations that will meet performance requirements & shorten the development lifecycle.


Contact us to learn more about how SPE-ED+ can guide you through your performance-oriented system design and implementation.