a division of L&S Computer Technology, Inc.

We can help you meet performance requirements quickly and economically.

About Performance Engineering Services

Performance Engineering Services, a division of L&S Computer Technology, Inc., was founded by Dr. Connie U. Smith in 1982. We specialize in consulting services, training, research and development, and products geared to helping industry and government develop effective, scalable, responsive software and hardware systems.

We are dedicated to providing quality and timely services using the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals available. Effective project management, productivity, and quality of systems is as important to us as performance.

We are a leading provider of Software Performance Engineering services, courses, and products worldwide.

L&S Computer Technology, Inc. is small by choice. We use subcontracts and consultants extensively to carry out our consulting, educational, and R&D activities. This enables us to best match the talents of our consultants to particular projects.

Our Approach

SPE is our specialty, although we also support other aspects of computer capacity planning and software development. Our focus is on the software, but we identify the most economical and timely solutions to your problems and consider both software and hardware solutions.

No one else can provide our combination of performance and software expertise and experience!

  • If you're beginning a new project, we can help you build in responsiveness and scalability from the outset.
  • If your system isn't performing as well as it should, we can help you quickly find the most effective solution.