Latest Schemas and Extensions


Schemas have file extensions ~.xml so you can view them in a browser. Change the extension to ~.xsd to use it as a schema.

  1. Software Performance Model Interchange Format (S-PMIF) Schema

  2. The main schema, s-pmifschema, includes two others: ComputerResourceRequirements and Distributions. They are zipped into one file for downloading:


  1. Performance Model Interchange Format (PMIF) Schema: PMIF Schema

  2. The schema extension for PMIF Experiments: PMIF-Ex

  3.   This schema contains the PMIF, the experiment and the output extensions.

  4. The schema extension for PMIF Output: PMIF Output-SE

  5. PMIF Output Documentation: pmif-ex_Readme.pdf

  6. The schema extension for PMIF Results: PMIF Results-SE